New: Google Search Appliance 6

11/11/2009 13:21

Want to make information quickly and accurately available to your customers and employees?  Nowadays this is beyond the ability of a standard website search function.  Dynamic content, precisely defined additional information and faster return of the required information improves the efficiency of your website and importantly also of your employees.  Moreover your customers will get results tailor made to their search criteria. 

For some time WFP has been working with customers on optimising the search function of their websites on both the Internet and Intranets.  With the new Generation 6 GSA (Google Search Appliance), Google now offers a highly usable and infinitely scalable tool as a basis for this.  WFP has tested this tool on customers' behalf and found it to be extremely powerful; as well as being easily integrated into existing applications, the search engine can also, besides its highly refined search techniques (used by Google itself), support a wide range of security mechanisms and standards.  This means it can, in WFP's experience, be almost seamlessly integrated into the organisation's own Web-offering, integrate dynamic content from databases, show search specific additional offerings and much more.  Let this be the answer to your search requirements! 


You can find further information here or on the Google Enterprise site

Search site


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