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Since 1992 WFP has been working alongside companies of all sizes to optimise their business processes and efficiently integrate IT solutions.

From business objectives, through the first analysis of the business processes in whichever market, until the complete realisation of a new process model and integrated systems solution, we lead our customers through every important step of their structural optimisation.

If you believe that your processes could be more efficient, your systems could do more for your business, your employees could bring more "added value", then talk to us!

Our experience in international projects with medium-sized and large organisations could give your project valuable impetus.  Business processes are living and the process-set without potential for improvement does not exist!

Within the framework of the WFP-DECON Group we have received several awards such as "best service provider in the State of Baden-Württemberg" and we organise numerous workshops and initiatives in the areas of Business Process Management and IT Integration.


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Weinz & Feser business integration partner Verwaltung:
Jahnstraße 21
76865 Rohrbach

Kompetenz-Zentrum Umweltinformatik
Kompetenz-Zentrum Security / ID-Software:
Bannwaldallee 24
76185 Karlsruhe

Kompetenz-Zentrum Business Prozess Optimierung:
Saarstraße 6
55473 Idar-Oberstein
+49 (0) 721 47178 730