How can I contact WFP?

Use the contact details on the left, on our homepage or write us a message using our Feedback form.

Can WFP manage complex projects?

WFP has built up 20 years of experience in managing and driving through projects in diverse spheres, from business processes and software integration as well as design, development, testing and implementation of software modules through to process support.  We employ tried and tested, modern tools and methods in order to be able to supply the customer with targeted consultancy and future-proof solutions.  Our successfully completed projects for several multinationals and in the public sector demonstrate our competence.  We will happily put you in contact with an existing or past customer with a similar requirement, as a reference.  See also the Reference and Project pages of this site. 

What philosophy does WFP follow in its consultancy?

We are convinced that a successful business process and IT integration project has to be driven by the company's goals and directives.  In this way the goals and behaviours of a company provide the foundation on which processes can be built or optimised.  From here, the IT requirement may develop and must be embedded into the process.  Our philosophy is that the process should dictate the system, and not the other way around!  Too often processes are developed based on the existing systems, which we believe to be a bad business practice.  An existing system may well restrict the process and not provide a foundation for it to develop.


Can a medium sized consulting company really supply the wide range of expert people needed to meet project requirements?

WFP has always worked with permanent employees as well as with a wide network of freelance contractors.  This gives us the real advantage of being able to call upon people with exactly the skills and qualifications needed for a specific project, from specialists to program managers and interim managers.  Working this way also means we ride the peaks and troughs of demand in the project market smoothly and efficiently, unlike many of our competitors, a benefit which our customers appreciate when they receive their invoices!  Try us out!

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