21/02/2017 15:22

WFP testes V5 of id-solutions document verification system

WFP has tested Version 5 of it's id-solutions. The now available Version is fully web-based and allows to separate the UI fully from the ScanServer. Also the usage of a single scanner with multiple terminals / Web-frontends is therewith simple as well as budget-friendly.   The id-solution...
26/08/2016 12:05

Presentation of the id-software suite during KommWis user group meeting

  The id-software suite for authentication of identity documents is an ever more important instrument for the validation of id-documents in public service provesses, eg citizen registration, immigration, benefit registration etc. KommWis is taking care of the citizen registration processes and...
13/04/2010 11:52


WFP releases new framework for the development of public services applications. Based upon 10+ years of experience in the development for the public sector, functionality has been structured and encapsulated in order to supply a rapid prototyping environment with all state-of-the-arts...
11/11/2009 13:21

New: Google Search Appliance 6

Want to make information quickly and accurately available to your customers and employees?  Nowadays this is beyond the ability of a standard website search function.  Dynamic content, precisely defined additional information and faster return of the required information improves the...
16/10/2009 15:35

Business Process Workshops "QuickOpt"

Book your BPR healthcheck now! Dear customer, We have recently expanded our portfolio of services further by adding a Healthcheck for customers' business processes; this complete workshop is run in-house at your location.  Orientated to modern project management...
16/10/2009 15:34

Relaunch of the WFP Website

Dear Customers, Our new Web-presentation is now available online and we are delighted to have already received so much positive feedback.  We would love to hear your views in order to be able to improve our offering further.  Here you can also keep up with news about our company and...


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Welcome to WFP business integration partner!

Business Process Management and IT are inextricably linked.  So why do these two business critical functions sometimes feel poles apart?

WFP is specialised in IT integrated business process design.  We work hand in hand with our customers to bring processes and systems into line and therefore optimise the performance of their organisations.  We believe that systems should be driven by processes and not the other way around. 

Work with us and discover how our expertise can improve your efficiency and competitiveness without prejudice to your own expertise!  We understand that technical systems should be enablers, not obstacles to your business processes! 

Through intensive consultation with you we will engineer optimised processes with appropriate, integrated IT solutions, from analysis to implementation.  See for yourself...

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